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Renato Mekolli 

Top Chef of Mediterranean Cuisine Hints

Renato Mekolli studied “Chef d’oeuvre” cuisine school in Athens.

Renato's career began at the famous Greek Restaurant "Spondi" with 2-star Michelin.

Working for many years along with Awarded Chefs with Michelin Stars opened the path for Renato to lead the kitchen of well-known restaurants in Greece.


Dedicated to his talent Renato investigate due to professionalize his abilities and knowledge of New Mediterranean cuisine by reading and experiencing various flavors and dishes. 

Renato is awarded every year among the Best Greek Chefs for the quality and the finesse of the dishes he serves on New Mediterranean cuisine.

Renato Mekolli participated as the Jury on Master Chef Albania TV Show. His smile, authenticity, and professionalism kept the record of the all-time audience for three consecutive years, at Top Channel national TV.

Renato is the winner of Dancing With Me TV-Show in Albania.

Renato has won all Greek Culinary Awards but his career tiara is the written words of the New York Times critic Frank Bruni.

Today the ex-dishwasher own his Gourmet Restaurant in Albania Capital City, called “UMAMI by Renato Mekolli.”

Renato Mekolli
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