Relationships That Help Us through our Darkest Times & then Come to End.

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The most common expression 'we grow in time' is completed if I add three more words, personal experiences prove that 'We Grow in Time Wiser by Traveling."

Stepping around the Mother's Earth places connects us with nature, people, culture, tradition, t...

The Quarantine time Continue and today I decide to spend my day in the kitchen.

Keep scrolling down to see what I did and how I made Bread full of Protein and Seeds.

Homemade Bread


1 package active dry yeast

2-1/4 cups warm water (110° to 115...

CoronaVirus Enjoying the Quarantine time

Hello everyone, it's Book Suggestion Friday, and we found a special book to read this weekend. A book that will elevate our happy mood as high as the upcoming Sunday's Grammy awards show will.

The Golden Pen of Elizabeth Gilbert and her transformative...

Even if you didn’t feel it, lots of celebrities did. Last night Twitter was washed by worries or pride of celebrities who moved to live in the City of Angels informing people what it looks like feeling the earth shaking under your feet.

Magnitude 3.6...

“Why are you diminishing yourself by trusting liars who have no respect for themselves but also made you feel unworthy?” You ask in worry.

An interesting question in need of a truthful answer since the Truth (the opposite of Lie) in moral philosophy s...

Jealousy is a dirty word, which unfortunately has been used, more often, by everyone. Dirty because its feelings hurt throughout all our being that much that makes us loses the mind. Given the fact that we do not know how to deal with, we send it bac...

This festive season let’s make some delicious Greek honey cookies called Melomakarona, and spread the scent of Christmassy Spice Flavours (yummy) throughout the house.

Greek tradition requires Christmas Treats on the table and certainly a huge pile of...

Holiday Present - A unique body of medieval literature, a Book! The Perception of Christmas as a Holiday is giving a book as presents on the night of the 24th and people spend the night reading.

It's time to boost our minds and body's energy otherwise, we will not be able to withstand the cold that has just stepped the threshold of the winter's season. Worth remembering that cuddling our Sensation of Taste with toothsome and nutritious meals...

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