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The evil has Texan accent in Stephen King’s supernatural fiction.

Such collection of great artists like Stephen King, Ron Howard, Matthew McConaughey, Idris Elba, and the Danish movie director, Nikolaj Arcel, are making an Art that inspires audiences unleash their creativity.

The Dark Tower movie project has been ongoing for 10 years to bring on the big screen a series of Stephen King’s novels of the same name, but the filming began in South Africa in April 2016 and is set to appear in theaters on August 4th, 2017.

The Dark Tower trailer, promoted two days ago all over social Medias, looks like a modernized Western movie with a Pistolero who’s trying to kill the Man in Black in order to protect the world from the dark. A kind of movie that delve into the inner world of human being in which recently we’re used to see Matthew McConaughey participating. Here is worth adding that the winner of many prizes, including an Oscar and a Creative Conscience award, is also known in his friendly circle as Matthew McConscience.

Stephen King fans might be amazed to see in theaters the evil of King’s supernatural fiction, Man in Black, speaking in Texan accent. However The Dark Tower movie is certainly something to look forward.

As I watched the trailer I was wondering if the role of Walter Padick, The Man in Black, who seeks to rule over infinite kingdoms, will offer to Matthew McConaughey’s a second Academy Award Oscar.

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