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Matthew McConaughey's needs...

It's so great being on the stage of the Academy Awards with the Oscar statue in your hand. Right there, in that moment the artist has the power to inspire billions of people and encourage them to follow their dreams.

It's a wonderful idea to watch the inspirational speeches of great artists who are the living examples that Life is worth living it when you walk towards your dreams!

Let's start today with my favorite speech of Matthew McConaughey who express his gratitude to God, gracing his life with opportunities that are not of any human hand. As he accepted the Academy award for the Best Actor on leading role he declared his three needs:

1, Something to look up to (GOD),

2, Something to look forward to (GOAL),

3, Someone to chase (HIS FUTURE SELF).

Watch McConaughey's speech and get inspired to keep Loving and Walking towards your dreams!

And always remember,“When you got God, you got a friend, and that friend is you!”

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