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Fire burning the neighborhood

It starts with a spark and turns into an uncontrollable fire burning everything around. Simple like this the fire spread up on the hill this afternoon and in no time my neighborhood filled up with Firefighters, Helicopters and lots of Observers.

As I watched carefully the helicopters throwing water on the fire, the firefighters climbing the hill, and the people from their cars observing that terrifying situation, I realized that I have never seen so many people in my area as in that moment. Right then, I felt happy thinking that I live in a great neighborhood where I’m safe.

All facilities and security we demand in the neighborhood are simple things which the state is obliged to provide us. But in case of emergency, if the facilities aren’t there, the situations get complicated and problems start spreading out as a fire that burns everything around.

First we start complaining, and then we yell cursing the authorities for not doing their job well. Unfortunately, in such cases, the damage usually is enormous both in material and in human lives.

Here’s a good thought: If we all fulfill responsibilities in our work, the systems will flow easy and grant us with the feelings of safety and happiness!