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Spend the weekend wisely!

Are you a wine-lover or a movie-lovers You love to sit on the couch and watch the news? Then why not getting out and living or creating the news?

Oh maybe you're a doer of deeds who spend the weekend cleaning the house, shopping at the grocery and then cooking for the upcoming week?

Whatever your habit is here are some suggestions on how to spend wisely the weekend by enjoying what you love to do...

Wine -Lovers this weekend LAWineFest is in its 12th season and better than ever, bringing wines, brews and spirits from all over the world to thirsty Angelenos.

It isn't summer in LA until the first cemetery screening brings hoards of Movie-Lovers to Hollywood Forever, toting folding chairs, picnic blankets, snack spreads and lots of booze.

L.A Beer Week returns with their annual kickoff party, taking place at Los Angeles Center Studios with live music, educational panels, a VIP tent pouring specialty beers, games, a photobooth, and more food and beer selections.

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