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Are you Texting or Sexting?

As I wake up in the morning I find some unexpected text messages in my mobile phone, “Oh baby let me taste you before you wash your sex off!”

My eyes started rolling on and off wondering what’s going on with my boyfriend. Why was he expressing himself through text messages?

I blamed globalization, the new technology, and the internet which were turning my real life into a virtual one! I felt terrified for a while, until I doubted my own fears... and ran to the world’s deepest pit; the realms of the Internet.

Upon searching, “why people text”, popped up the word SEXTING - it’s a combination of sex and texting, listed for the first time in Collegiate Dictionary in August 2012. Apparently a porno text messaging between lovers, promoted further by applications that are available on smartphones.

Surprisingly, studies had showed that 54% of all couples had sent sexy pictures or videos to their partners at least once. “To enhance the relationship and the sexual satisfaction couples often use sexting by exchanging sexually clear messages or nude images through their digital devices”, reported the studies.

Up to here all good. Everything sounds healthy and exciting. But when I clicked the word, “SPAM” the shocking news came out. Courts rooms with desperate young girl’s and boy’s faces dominated the screen.

Behind sending or receiving a sext lie many hidden risks that often teens do not consider. Despite the fact that mass media prevent underage sexting, because of the child pornography laws, teenagers don’t worry about the legal risks, they worry more if their parents will find out they’re sexting.

Researchers assert that sexting can be a form of sexual harassment. In surveys of public school students conducted by the American Association of University Women, more than 80 percent of teens reported being targets of sexual harassment.

Analyzing sexting behaviors among young adults, it was found that men would show the sexually explicit photos of their girlfriends to their friends. But the biggest risk in sexting is being blackmailed by a former sexual partner threatening to release private images of their ex-girlfriends.

Next time when you’ll be in public, in the streets, mall, buses, or trains, observe the people around you. Most of them will be texting. Right then is the time to start wondering: Are they sexting? Are they using the tools delivered by science or nature in they favor?

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