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I wanna let my heart fly but what if it gets broken?

Can you think of a moment in life when you felt endless love for someone but you couldn’t express it? Of course, we all have been there. At some extents, everyone knows the painful feelings of an unexpressed or rejected love, the kind of pain that penetrates deep and leaves you breathless.

Damn, it hurts like hell when the butterflies twist and gnarl your gut to pain. Right then as you start swearing to never ever let anyone else into your heart again, you enter the path of “Routine life” paved with fewer ambitions, desires, or freedoms.

Oh yeah, I’ve heard my friends telling me to “stop loving him because he’s not your Mr. Right”. In truth they were right; indeed he shattered my heart into tiny fragments. And again I believed that he would return to heal my wounds!

After breaking up with my man I went totally cold and suspicious. I began to see in men's face the pain they would cause me if I allow them to conquer my heart.

The fear of being hurt reflected my reactions towards males. Thank God, there was a moment when I wondered, "Should I not go skiing fearing a broken limb? Should I stay in an incubator to avoid being heartbroken? And if I do, then what’s the purpose of living without experiencing life?"

Right then I recognized that I wanna let my heart fly by falling in LOVE and if it gets broken, I wanna heal it! But I don’t know how?

Oh please don’t tell that time will heal everything because I refuse to entrust the healing process on time only. I don’t want to risk turning the pain of a broken heart into a trauma that sooner or later will project itself as a demon to destroy anything I have built.

We have been taught how to solve algebra equations. We have found out how the universe functions. We learn how bridges are built, how movies are made, how to write a book. But nobody teaches how to deal with love feelings or how to protect ourselves from heart-breaking.

Any physical fracture brings us to doctors who take care of us. And before we leave the clinic, along with a handful of pills, doctors give us bunch of suggestions how to better heal in time. Pretty helpful process for a healthier body full of hope isn’t it? Is right here, when I start wondering why isn’t there anyone who can heal a broken heart and prevent us ending up in hopeless depression.

In the endless world of internet I found some interesting tips given by psychologists or spiritual mentors.

RESPECT seems to be the golden rule of healthy relationships. Treating others the way we want to be treated, being honest, loving them, taking care of them, and praying for them, ensures the strengthening of the heart.

We don’t need to be someone we are not, only because we want to impress the partner. A healthy relationship is guaranteed in AUTHENTICITY, on being ourselves.

Talking about the past events grant the past to steal our present. The true experience of love is LIVING IN THE PRESENT as it is the last moment of life.

We all make mistakes, and we’ll continue to do things the others won’t agree with. But realizing that the purpose of a relationship is not to walk beside a perfect person, will help us grow and will allow love to guide our life.

The healing process of a Broken Heart is similar to a Broken Bone. Time alone won’t heal it, but a series of actions along with time, will.

As we wrap the arm in a cast to protect it from additional damage, so we do with the heart.

ISOLATING ourselves temporarily, giving up some social gathering and restricting our movements, protect the wound and promote healing. For a time being, we should focus on priorities, activities, and people who will support encourage and pray for us. Everyone and everything else can wait.

TRUSTING that everything happens for a reason which soon will show up it's an important step in the process. Here comes the saying, “When God closes a door, it opens a window”.

Stay active and productive by knowing that soon you’ll fall in love again because Love makes us feel alive.

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