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A six-storey building collapsed in Mumbai of India. A chemical explosion in Arkema plant at Crosby,

The world woke up today watching the consequences of another catastrophe and, this time didn’t happen by the Force Majeure but by the Forces of Human Irresponsibility.

While America is still suffering the consequences of the deadly rainfall from Hurricane Harvey in Texas, a century old building collapsed in Mumbai of India.

A municipal authority official confirmed the death of nine people, while rescuers estimated more than 16 had been injured and taken to hospital. Still now 20 people are trapped under the debris of a six-storey building and narrow streets of the neighborhood made it difficult the arriving of the excavators.

Just for the record, this is a second collapsed building in Mumbai in a less than a month. In July, 17 people were killed when a four-storey building collapsed after undergoing unauthorized renovations.

From the floods of heavy monsoon rains in India last week were killed 14 people. While in eastern Texas and western Louisiana the heavy rainfall, the Hurricane Harvey have killed at least 33 people. Also has hit the US energy supplies, as oil companies shut down refineries in Houston area. Moreover, the Arkema plant at Crosby lost the ability to refrigerate chemical compounds that need to be kept cool. The authorities of the company said, there was no way to prevent an explosion, a chemical plant blast.

In Houston of Texas , to rescue survivors who are still stranded and recover the bodies of those who have died the Firefighters today early in the morning will begin a door-to-door search of badly flooded areas of Houston.

The National Weather Service of USA has now downgraded to a tropical depression.

It has forecast continuing heavy rainfall over eastern Texas and western Louisiana.

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