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Menopause the biggest mystery in a woman’s life

Menopause, one of the biggest mysteries in a woman’s path, arrives as the "reward" of her contribution to the family, and as the door towards a new life phase, to regeneration. Such ringing bell indicate that time has come for a woman to take care a little more of herself and her body.

Unfortunately life changes in some cases arrive with lots of troubles. So does the menopause phase in women’s life, it shows up with different symptoms such as poor sleep, hot flashes, or vaginal dryness and memory problems.

Scientifically, is approved that lack of hormones doesn’t cause the flushing or sleeping problems but unconscious acts does. Malnutrition such as large or inadequate meals, spicy foods, alcohol, caffeine, or anxiety, and the warm environment, especially a few hours before going to bed, can cause lots of issues.

For not turning anxiously in bed all night, we can have a hot drink at evening, such as a cup of chamomile tea, or a glass of warm milk - coconut, almond or oat milk. If you wake up in the middle of the night and you can’t sleep because of hot flashes and night sweats, you better get out of bed and start breathing slowly and deeply until you fall asleep again. Remember to use your cool and quiet bedroom only for sleeping or sex.

As for vaginal dryness, the best way to face it is affection and love for our partner. Since our children have grown up, our partner’s role in life has changed, from a Father to a Man Ready for Everything. Devotion to husband helps retain the essential moisture into the vagina and improves the sexual life of the couple.

Physical activities and exercises are good solution to any kind of problem. And of course, suddenly in our fifties, we don’t need to start running for many miles. A brisk walk or some yoga exercises in the gym are enough for renewal.

Some women, during the menopause phase start complaining of memory problems. Studies show that natural menopause has little or almost no effect, in mind dysfunction. However, to protect ourselves from brain disease, such as dementia or Alzheimer's, it’s safer not to use menopausal hormones which have harmful side effects.

To reduce the stress degree it’s necessary to avoid the many tasks or obligations that we are used to overload our daily lives with.

Good nutrition, exercises and well sleep are key elements to a healthy life. Poor metabolism, probably due to mild depression symptoms, usually causes weight-gain. It is scientifically proven that adopting a healthy diet, rich in fruits, vegetables and legumes protects us from many menopause symptoms and optimizes our health.

Expose ourselves daily for several minutes to the morning sun helps strengthen vitamin D levels which help calcium absorption.

If we need Potassium we’ll find it mainly in fruits and vegetables such as oranges, bananas, carrots and broccoli. Magnesium, another important supplement, is found in potatoes and nuts. Phytoestrogens are found in flaxseed, in linseed oil, tofu, sesame and garlic.

Until we acquire the habits of a healthy lifestyle, we can use the black cohosh herb (member of Ranunculaceae family) as an instant solution to hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause.

Menopause is a good reminder that is time to nurture and enjoy a quality lifestyle.

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