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Colin Firth, reject Brexit. The English actor got the Italian citizenship.

Last year the Oscar winner Colin Firth described Brexit as "a disaster of unexpected proportions". Today the English actor has become an Italian citizen rejecting though the British referendum vote to quit the European Union.

On Friday Italian Interior Ministry wrote in a statement, “The very famous actor, who won an Oscar for the film The King’s Speech, is married to a citizen from our country and has often declared his love for our land,”.

The announced about Colin Firth’s new passport came out hours after British Prime Minister Theresa May flew to Florence to make a keynote speech trying to revive stalled Brexit negotiations and reassure worried business leaders.

Firth, with his wife, an Italian film producer, and their two sons live in Britain for more than 20 years. In his statement the English actor wrote: “My wife and I are both extremely proud of our own countries. We feel that we’ve made a gift of that to each other. Our children have been dual citizens since the beginning. Britain is our home and we love it here… I’ve always chosen to base my career out of the UK and pay my taxes here.

A winner of a multiple worldwide best actor awards Colin Firth has been honored mostly for his notable role of the King George VI in the Oscar winner movie “The King's Speech”.

Colin Firth can keep his British passport inasmuch Italy allows dual nationality.

Reportedly, after the Brexit vote lot of British nationals are seeking a new nationality in the EU countries, as in Germany, France and Ireland.

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