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Steven Tyler, Aerosmith lead singer, is going through "unexpected medical issues"

Steven Tyler, Aerosmith lead singer, due to an “unexpected medical issues” flew back to the U.S. on Monday night right after a show in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

In a statement the group said that Tyler is expected to make a full recovery but for now has been advised by his doctors not to travel or perform at this time so they. So, the band was forced to cancel the last shows of Aerosmith Latin America tour:

Curitiba, Brazil, on Wednesday;

Santiago, Chile, on Saturday;

Rosario, Argentina, on Oct. 3;

Monterrey, Mexico on Oct. 7.

Hours ago Tyler published a letter in his Twitter account informing his fans that is dealing with an “unexpected medical issues”.

The singer did not write what type of medical issue has affected him but he explained that is not a life threatening problem.

“I need to get some rest and medical care immediately in order to sustain and maintain my future performances,” Tyler said in his statement accompanying the band’s message about the Tour cancellations.

Steven Tyler is the second famous singer within a few days who canceled his concerts in Latin America for a healthy issue.

Last week Lady Gaga canceled her concert in Brazil due to a Chronic pain.

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