Dolly’s Parton music inspires a teenager to do a terrifying thing in order to take back her confiden

The New York Times bestseller novel Dumplin’, written by Julie Murphy, is now an upcoming musical movie producing and starring by Jennifer Aniston.

Dumplin’ is the nickname of the fearless heroine in the novel, who inspired by Dolly’s Parton music will do a terrifying thing in order to take back her confidence.

Parton shared yesterday in a TV game her excitement of working on the Dumplin’ musical and on its soundtrack album.

"…they're using a lot of my music from the old days but they asked me to write some new pieces and a theme song." said Dolly her interview.

The legendary Hollywood singer 4 hours ago announced on her Twitter accounts the digital version of the Dumplin’ Soundtrack Album called, I Believe in You.

The soundtrack album, I believe in You will be out on Oct 13.

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