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Glenda was about to be euthanized that morning...

Glenda was about to be euthanized at 10 am that morning...

Was 6 am when Breann received a phone call from a friend asking her to come and check out the 7 years old Glenda who scheduled to be euthanized that day at 10 am.

So Breann did. Early that Morning she found a beautiful gray mare horse with a shoulder injury and no reason for her to be killed.

Glenda had clearly suffered lots of abuse and miss-handling until the people who trained her for Rodeo games didn't want to continue with her. They felt she was unsafe to sell as she started to buck off riders.

Breann Hollon, the founder of Milton's Mutts, Inc that rescue senior dogs from high risk kill shelters, decided to take Glenda home and try to give her a second chance in life.

The beautiful horse has been left to rest in the pasture where previously she was confined to a barn stall. Often she has been visited by a chiropractor for her shoulder injury. The respect and love that Glenda received from the Milton's Mutts members helped her to adjust quickly to the new environment and to feel comfortable.

Over the last summer, Glenda has been in training by Murray Equestrian, specifically, she worked with Angi Murray which supported Glenda to make a full turn around.

Glenda’s story pushed me to walk for a moment on the path of history. Browsing the facts I started feeling grateful for their being and especially for the people who care the unhoped animals.

Historically horses have been and still are a useful support for the humanity.

Their contribution is invaluable to people with physical and mental disabilities. Riding horses improve their balance and coordination, increase their self-confidence, and gave them a greater feeling of freedom and independence.

Horses were used in bloody warfare, but they are still used in sports competitions, as well as in working activities such as police work, agriculture, entertainment, and therapy.

Many products are derived from horses, including meat, milk, hide, hair, bone, and pharmaceuticals extracted from the urine of pregnant mares.

In the day like Thanksgiving, we have the opportunity, as we offer a table full of goods to our family and friends, to give thanks to all the being who offered their contribution to life.

Today we give thanks to our friends, colleges, and family members for their presence in our lives and for their support but also we give thanks for the contribution of horses that absolutely deserves our respect, love, and appreciation.

The short story of Glenda’s life shows us that there are people around the world as Breann Hollon to whom we are grateful for taking care unshelled animals and viewing them as a lifetime commitment.

P.S. Milton's Mutts currently is trying to raise funds to get permits for their 10-acre ranch to allow them to take in more dogs and any domestic animal for giving them the retirement they deserve.

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