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What FLAW drives your story?

The stories of our life are driven by inner conflict, and the very nucleus of the storm called inner conflict is our FLAW.

Drive the stories of your life by knowing your flaw. Find it from the list below and stay out from the tragedies.

• Lack of self-confidence

• Lack of self-worth / low self-esteem

• Insecurity

• Naivety

• Inability to put the past behind

• Inability to face the past

• Inability to trust others

• Inability to make a commitment

• Stubbornness

• Rashness

• Prejudice

• Selfishness

• Arrogance / smugness / hubris / pride

• Greed

• Envy

Recognizing the flaw it helps us to overcome the difficult situations, for not involve our stories into a tragedy which surly leads us to downfall.