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Terrific Halftime show at Super Bowl LII, Minnesota with Timberlake rocking the crowds

Timberlake did rock the stage of U.S. Bank stadium in Minnesota minutes ago.

The Halftime show of the 52nd Super Bowl was Fabulous with Timberlake warming up the crowd and approving that he is a talented, hard worker musician, one of the greatest artists of the world.

A terrific show with a touching performance, which ended among spectators with a great message through the songs “” and “MirrorsCan’t Stop The Feeling”. Certainly the Selfies of the artist with a young boy conclude the magnificent show.

Well done Timberlake and Thank You for bringing PRINCE on stage. Your performances are always magic.

Looking forward seeing Purple’s Fans' reaction on Hologram of Prince in the stadium singing along with Timberlake.

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