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Impressive opening ceremony of the 23rd Winter Olympics in South Korea. History, nakedness and World

The eyes of the world today were nailed in the impressive opening ceremony of the 23rd Winter Olympics in South Korea's Pyongyang. About 3,000 athletes from 93 countries today entered the Pyongyang‘s stadium sharing with the world their messages about history, nakedness -despite the temperatures below zero-, and World Peace.

North and South Korea athletes after 11 years walked today in the stadium under the common flag. Moreover, the purpose of the Olympic Games for ancient Greeks was the cessation of war because Greeks were always fighting each other’s therefore they needed to breath in peace even for wile.

The Olympic skier Pita Taufatofua, defeated the frozen weather of 0 degrees Celsius, with an impressive entrance into the Pyeongchang’s stadium.

Tonga’s flag barrier, parade half-nude showing his bare, muscular torso glistening with a generous amount of oil. In Olympic Games of Rio de Janeiro in 2016 Pita participates in the taekwondo games.

A giant dove of peace lit up the night sky, famous South Korean singers sang John Lennon's "Imagine".

The Winter Olympic Games started on February 8th. Good Luck to the all the 3000 athletes. Remember the purpose of the game isn’t the medal but the participation.

Watch today Opening Ceremony in NBC 8pm

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