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Who is this Valentine guy to spawned a commercial industry of roses, chocolates, and romantic candle

What’s wrong with celebrating Valentine's Day, and what is Valentine’s Day? Actually, who is this Valentine guy who spawned a commercial industry of roses, chocolates, and romantic candlelight dinners?

According to Wikipedia, he is the Saint Valentine of Rome martyred for performing illegal weddings for soldiers, who were forbidden to marry.

Today is the same, stories of romances are still written with pain by the prince of our hearts hoping to last forever. But as is well-known, in this world, nothing lasts forever including Romantic Love.

We all have been inspired and crushed by love. We all have been hurt by the people we love most and that is what life is about, to enjoy all the feelings negatives or positives. It's the same with nature. What happens after the rain? The rainbow comes out, the earth becomes green and the flowers thrive. So does the feelings. After being hurt, we can appreciate happiness and love. Good approach to cross through pain (Smile).

It’s absolutely nothing wrong with being hurt or feeling the pain of Romantic Love, contrariwise feelings are blessing to appreciate love and emotions.

When I was a young girl I used to celebrate life. Back then, I remembered the birthdays of all my friends and of my entire family members. I felt exiting with every kind of holidays, no matter if they were religious, commercial or national.

Unfortunately, today I do not give a damn about celebrating any kind of special days, except Christmas where I love being by myself seated in front of the fireplace, reading stories. In order to avoid the pain, I prefer to read the stories and not to live them. But this is me NOW.

I'm tired of building protective walls around to prevent me from getting hurt by my friends, lovers or family members. Right now, I feel that crazy desire to demolish the magnificent fortress, I built for years to protect me by the various pains provoked by being active in life.

In kind of special days like today, in Valentine’s Day, I recognized that I have forgotten how it is to be an innocent human being and celebrate life with all its splendor.

In this Valentine’s Day I feel blessed for receiving lots of wishes from friends (male and female), from ex-boyfriends and from my siblings. It’s amazing that today in this angry world, people reach out each other’s to celebrate love and Romance.

Add the time when the world seems to be fed up with much hate and angry it's nice to have an excuse to celebrate love.

Happy Valentine's Day Lovers!

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