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Turn Anxiety Into Opportunity to Rock and Roll in life

Why do some people blossom in the face of stress while others wither? The determining factor may lie in the possibilities and the percentage of controlling our lives.

People who choose their paths, regardless of their stress, don't suffer from anxiety as much as those who have no choice. As a matter of fact, professionals confirm that a good measure of our mental health is the amount of control we have over our own life.

The more we feel in control of our life and destiny, the healthier we are mentally.

Organizing our daily life, it is the first step to be in control of life. Figuring out what's important in our life, and then do it it's what blossoms life.

How not to waste time on little things that don't matter?

Many people put off organizing because it takes time and energy at first, but the benefits of being in control of our time and energy outweigh the initial investment.

To get organized we start with priorities, awareness of the time we spend for each task in our daily life reveals our priorities.

How about closing the eyes right now and taking three long, deep breaths. As we relax, we focus on something that makes us feel good, such as a person, an object, or a past event. Now is the moment to ask our heart for help due to set new priorities which will give us control of our life.

Desires run free in the state of relaxation, so whatever answer comes to our mind we just need to write it down. Forget about the ‘should’ just focus on what do you ‘wants.’ What's important for your well-being and the next area of your personal growth?

Try to answer the simple questions like:

"Are money problems keeping you tied to a job that you hate?"

Would you like more fun in your life?

Is there a project you keep putting off, like writing a book or meeting a friend?

Just allow whatever to come up without judgment. The more we practice listening to our heart, the more we'll find our life working for us.

Do not settle for less. This is our life so let's keep creating a healthier one.

Coming up next "Accept Change" Change is inevitable. Everything in the universe is constantly changing, right down to the very cells in your body. Change is going to happen, with or without your permission. You might as well learn to accept change, since it's happening anyway. As a matter of fact, if you can learn to welcome change and develop a belief that change is good, you will be much happier and better able to handle whatever life sends your way.

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