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Why Identify Personal Needs and Get them Met?

Unfortunately, most of us spend a great deal of time staying stuck in self-limiting patterns. How is this possible? O yeas it is possible and it is caused by Unmet Personal Needs. Kind of needs that loop us back again and again because we can't help communicating to others the pressures caused by those unmet needs.

We experience, even if unconsciously, a sort of dysfunctional connection with those who carry around the same, or very similar, unmet needs. We find a level of comfort in all that agreement, but unfortunately we don't find very many clues about how to evolve.

Once we identify our needs and get them met, we find ourselves releasing naturally old patterns of behavior that have kept us from being happy in work, lifestyle or relationships. It just gets easier once we feel complete inside.

The Needs categories are two: Survival Needs and Personal Needs.

Survival needs include water, food, shelter, etc.

Personal needs are what we need to be our best and to progress in life and include inspiration, information, support, solutions, focus, people, touch, skills, and so forth.

Survival needs, when met, keep us alive.

Personal needs, when met, let us truly be ourselves in the best way possible.

Either kind of need, when unmet, can stir up reactions ranging from restless discontent to paralyzing fear.

Most people do not have their personal needs met for several reasons.

First, they don't know what their needs actually are. They have a general idea, but it's not really clear or exact enough to act on.

Second, even when they are in touch with what their needs are, they aren't comfortable or confident that they can really get them met.

Third, when they do get them met, it's only temporarily, not permanently.

Needs are distinct from values.

Needs are what we need to be our best.

Needs are not optional, although we often treat them that way.

Values are those interests or behaviors we most enjoy or we are most attracted to. At first, it might be hard to see the distinction. But eventually we'll be able to accurately label whether something in our life represents a need or a value.

As we start working out to recognize our Personal Need let's browse up the pages of Thomas Leonard book entitled The Portable Coach there we will found out how to Met Our Personal Needs Once and For All.

Meet the Needs will definitely improve our life in all areas and will help us to become more sensitized to everything and everyone.

On our next article we’ll write about how to identify and Meet the Needs.

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