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The "Greek Freak", Antetokounmpo: from a street vendor to an NBA world icon

A great story of a dream coming true reviled on Sunday of the CBS, “60 Minutes” Show where the Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo open up the truth of his life.

Two-time NBA all-star Giannis life started in a tiny two-room apartment with a barely enough to eat and space to live (sleeping often with three or four people in one bed.) His parents migrated from Nigeria three years before his birth in 1994 in Athens, Greece.

The 23-year-old, life was tough, immigrants’ life, of course, is tough they need to survive in a new environment which can’t always be healthy in the beginning, but, they also need to meet the personal needs like respect, love, and more.

Talking to CBS News’ Steve Kroft, about his modest upbringing in Greece the Milwaukee Bucks player said:

“You know, it was tough. We didn’t have a lot of money. But we had a lot of happiness. So we weren’t broke happiness-wise. When we were struggling back in the day, we were all together in one room, same room. We were having fun. We were smiling. There were some tough times,”

In his teenage life, Giannis walked on the streets of Athens, Greece selling sunglasses and DVDs just like most of the African immigrants do there.

Persistence in following his dreams was the only weapon of the baller success in growing from being hardcore NBA followers to a global icon.

Antetokounmpo profile on Sunday night CBS show provided us the truth of the Star Look at who he is, where he came from and how much he's meant to the Bucks, Milwaukee and the NBA over the past five years.

The “60 Minutes” TV show started presenting Gianni's life at the humble gym in Athens, right where the NBA star used to play. Along with his brother Thanasi, also a basketball player, they brought back memories of their modest earnings there,

“I remember one game we played with the same pair shoes,” Giannis said. He was referring to second division Greek games where they were earning less than $500 a month. Today Thanasis plays on the Greek National Team and in a top European league.

The “Greek Freak”, as affectionately the fans referred to him, nowadays financial woes are away behind him. Last November, he signed a long-term deal with Nike and his own signature Nike shoes are on the way.

Successful stories as the NBA star Giannis Antetokounmpo are many around the world. These are the stories that strengthen our faith to wake up early in the morning and start pursuing the dreams. Simply like that, with persistence and faith, life becomes a better place to live.

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