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Zuckerberg accept to testify before U.S. Congress but reject British parliamentary invitation

Lawmakers’ pressure in the United States and Europe are insisting to know details regarding to the Cambridge Analytica’s use of the data to target U.S. and British voters in close-run elections.

Mark Zuckerberg accepted to explain before U.S. Congress how 50 million users’ data ended up in the hands of a political consultancy. The day and time for the Facebook Inc. CO to testify is to be determinate. Although Zuckerberg reject British lawmakers’ invitations to explain to a British parliamentary committee what went wrong.

Zuckerberg is invited as well to testify on April 10 hearing on data privacy to The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee along with the CEOs of Alphabet Inc. and Twitter Inc.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission took the unusual step of announcing on Monday that it had opened an investigation into the company - which it generally only does in cases of great public interest - citing media reports that rise what it called “substantial concerns about the privacy practices of Facebook.”

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