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Legendary Ironman Champion Failures and Successes

Minda Dentler the legendary Ironman champion athlete is a winner of life and an aspiration for humanity with lots of medals around her neck in sports like bicycle ride, full-length marathon and swimming with no breaks between.

The Indian descent Dentler, who made the impossible, possible, is a polio virus survivor among 150,000 cases that paralyzed her from the hips down.

What are the chances of a worthy life for a paralyzed infant who grow up with a single mom in Mumbai? Not giving up on life, maybe? Minda’s possibilities for a decent life began at the age of three when she was adopted by a U.S. family.

“Having a disability should not prevent you from doing whatever you want to do in your life,” her parents constantly were saying.

Immediately after moving to Spokane, Washington, USA, Minda went through extensive surgeries which helped her to start walking with leg braces and crutches though.

Achilles International foundation provided the young girl a free training and courage to participate in the New York City Marathon.

The new world of opportunity opened up for the young adult in 2006 when she completed the Handcycling. Right there Minda decided to conquer the impossible and become in 2013 the first female wheelchair athlete who completes the Ironman World Championship.

Dentler completed all three triathlon disciplines and the four full Ironman events. Worthy to highlight at this point that Minda’s first attempt was a complete failure.

Today she now works for a large global insurer. She’s an athlete, speaker, advocate, and mother, and committed to inspiring people to move beyond their fear of failure and achieve their goals.

Minda’s life purpose is to inspire people to see beyond their fears, to get up, set goals, and conquer their personal Ironman. “Every goal, athletic or personal requires hard work and training,” believes the nominee for an ESPN ESPY Award.

Today Minda is a speaker, advocate, mom, and a force to be reckoned with.

Fear of failure is said to be the greatest barrier to one's success. Minda’s life encourages us to go beyond our fears and climb, the greater heights in life. Achieving greatness is not easy, especially in the face of disability, but persistence and determination are the elements that make the life a magic one.

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