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Mind: The Untamed, Untrained Horse

The mind is like an untamed, untrained horse which, if it is left loose creates a mess and becomes destructive, even harmful to his own master. It can also destroy its own surroundings.

Similarly, when the mind is not in control becomes harmful and negative for oneself, it will continuously produce mental blocks along with feelings of anger, jealousy, revenge, irritation, intolerance and so on.

A person living continuously in such feelings becomes self-destructive of his own life because every thought is a cause, and every situation is an effect.

Mind wavers in an uncontrollable manner and wanders so aimlessly that creates several blocks on the psychological level. But, the person who masters his mind remains self-free.

Some people get so much affected by the upcoming problematic situations that they get detached from their soul power. They start feeling as if their life is completely finished without having any good for them. This way they divine blessing stop to work for them and unfortunately, they get trapped in a vicious cycle of negative thinking.

People with positive mindset take the situations given by life without losing hope and trust. This way they remain connected to their soul power. Hence, their self-healing mechanism works for them and that restores them to their normal living. Their soul power gives them the zeal to find out the solution to every given situation in life.

In order to lead a fulfilled life, you should take the responsibility of training the wild-horse-like mind which will serve you to cross the life challenges. You must put the saddle and take the reins of the mind in your hands.

To know and understand the mind you have to be absolutely watchful of your thoughts in a given situation. Observe the mind’s default approach if it is positive or negative.

The mind works according to the situation using the conscious self, also works like a blind horse, which just runs with the sound based on its own sets of fears, blocks, and conditioning.

Grab the control of your mind by remaining aware and witnessing life situations. Be more conversant with the mind. Ask questions and seek answers from it. Keep doing the self-enquirer. Gradually mind will get trained and you will become its master.

Meditation is one of the most helpful methodologies to make the mind calm and synchronize it with the self. Just a few meditation techniques will feed a starved mind and will make it ready to listen to your commands. Meditation techniques prepare the mind to be receptive and open for the training one wants to give it.

Few boosters like vibrant and soothing music, dance, fresh air, and nature make the mind happy, calm and joyous.

Happiness and joy are states where the mind has no uncontrolled wanderings and also crave to cherish the moment. Only in the present mind reverses its blocks and gets its healing.

Happiness is not an option to master your own mind, it is a necessity.

The tamed mind will focus more on the solution for a situation given by the life.

Bumblebee can’t fly as per aerodynamic law. Thankfully, it does not know or does not follow any law, but truthfully tries to fly and it flies!

You don’t need to bother about how life ‘works’ – Live truthfully with your Complete-Self and you will existentially ‘attract’ what is required for your true growth. This is the only way for the mental body to be healthy.

Manita Bajaj is an Indian Soul Power Trainer and Meditation Therapist, Author of Life In Abundance, Appraisals Of The Soul And Meditation On The Go.

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