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Living Beyond the Mind Traps

It is very interesting to witness the mind functioning. It products all kinds of thoughts, based on pictures of the past and the future. As the thoughts arise and swirl, our being flows along with wandering and minds goes from one thought to the other and lands into the trap of vicious thinking.

The non-stop wondering mind from past to future leads to mind traps. The mind allures itself by creating a future scene, which makes the heart pulsate with so-called ‘happiness’ emotion. At the next moment when mind relives the unfavourable and ugly past, make the heart pulsating again and this time with so-called ‘sadness’ emotion.

Beyond the mind and the heart, there is awareness watching the emotions going through happiness to sadness, and it laughs by the mind traps of happiness/sadness.

The mind seeks changes – Experiencing and witnessing prolonged happiness turning into sorrow, or even sorrow, turning into happiness, becomes a routine.

Simply by remaining on par with both emotions and observing the feelings just like the sea, witness itself as the waves come and go we reach a state which is outside the heart playing tricks – a state of awareness, of oneness.

To handle mind-traps, get back into a state of awareness – another mind as a watchdog that is instructed to keep continuous watch emotions (mind trap). If the thought process of any mode, is getting prolonged than needed, this watchdog will warn and remind one to beware of the trap and live beyond both; feeling only love, peace, happiness. All three of which, actually, begin to feel the same.

When one is at peace, love and happiness follow as one feeling and this is the Oneness, created within.

Living in this equation no feeling exists- just an awareness of peace.

Manita Bajaj (ShunyOm) author of Life In Abundance

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