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Baker of the Mojave Desert in California

The driest desert of North America called the Mojave Desert is our destination from the previous week. The tiny town of Baker, just two and half hours from Los Angeles towards Death Valley, is where we stop to enjoy its unique attractions.

A giant alien robot holding a ray gun is a sign of the Fresh Alien Jerky. Here, green aliens with lightbulb-shaped heads sit on the roof of this Area 51 themed store. More look down from saucer-topped lights in the parking lot or sit by the entrance in the silver alien space car or the shiny flying saucers.

Fresh Alien Jerky sells various sorts of alien-themed beef jerky - made from abducted cattle. They also stock many hot sauces with Pain, Suffering and Butt Twister names.

If you looking for full extraterrestrial experience, a mechanical alien fortune teller is there to read your future.

While not actually in Baker, two examples of the Mojave’s harsh beauty wait not far off, at least not far by California standards. The Dumont Dunes, loved by dirt bikers and four-wheelers, are located 42 miles north of Baker.

The Ibex Dunes are only three miles more, but far enough off the main road that you’ll need four-wheel drive to get there and back safely. Make sure your vehicle is in excellent condition, always stay close to it, and take lots of water. The Mojave has killed many people whose only crime was not respecting it enough.

Bring warm clothes for the chilly night, then watch the beautiful desert sunset, gaze at the haunting red autumn moon, then admire the brilliant starscape.

The strangeness of the desert has forever been attracted to strange people. To those who come to admire the glorious sunsets. To others who want to build weird stores decorated with green aliens. This is what scratches the strange surface of the American West’s parched lands.

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