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Toothsome Breakfast Vegan Scramble

As a vegetarian and Vegan supporter I feel an obligation to start filling out the page of this informative website with some of delicious vegan recipes for everyone who respect and persist in a healthy body.

It is a fact now that our life is a reflection of our thoughts and our mind in order to release productive thoughts need to be well-feed. Fresh vegetables are full of vitamins, metals and proteins but also are very easy to be digested. Meat and fats cannot be digested easily, furthermore they do not provide many nutrients for our bodies.

However, enjoy this delicious recipe from my Yoga Teacher in Athens Greece called Tofu Strapatsada, which means Tofu Scramble


7-ounces tofu (founded in Asian supermarkets or in organic stores)

1 dry onion,

1 clove garlic,

1 green & red pepper

1 carrot,

Tomato sauce, Smoked paprika, Salt, Pepper, Turmeric


Strain slightly the Tofu with your hands until drains out its liquid, and then wrap it in a towel. Put something heavy on it and leave it alone for 10-15' -the towel will pull out all the liquid left in the cheese.

Start chopping into small pieces the onion, the garlic, the peppers, and the carrot, then put them in a non-stick pan and start frying them with water due to make them healthier.

Keep stirring the ingredients until they get a brown colour, then add the dried tofu, and the smoked paprika, which will give a special taste to the food.

Once the mixture is well-sautéed pour in the tomato sauce and a bit of sugar to prevent the tomato sour.

Cover the ingredients with hot water and let them boil for 10 to 15 minutes, actually until the sauce tied up, became a thick mixture.

Remember to complete the meal spreading upon it with Salt, Pepper and Turmeric. Accompany your dinner with rice or quinoa.

Small tricks: the tofu cheese has a neutral taste, but it has also the ability to sponge flavours and aromas of all the species and vegetables.

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