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World Leaders heading to California for Milken Institute Global Conference

Nobel Laureates, innovators, creators and disruptors are join leading figures in government, business, sports and media focusing on “Navigating a World in Transition”

More than 4,000 international leaders in business, government, science, philanthropy, academia, arts, and culture are meeting in California for the 21st Milken Institute Global Conference beginning April 29, 2018.

Confirmed attendees include current and former senior U.S. government officials who will join international policymakers for candid conversations about trade, technology, national security and the opioid crisis, among other issues. At the same time, CEOs, philanthropists, investors, innovators, and medical researchers will tackle topics ranging from artificial intelligence to blockchain, financial regulations, global markets and breakthroughs in health.

During the four-day conference, the Milken Institute welcomes attendees from more than 60 countries across six continents, making it the most broadly attended gathering in its history.

“A global transformation is underway, disrupting traditional social and economic norms around the world, heralding an era of rapid change and challenge,” explains Richard Ditizio, Milken Institute president & COO. “Through the Milken Institute Global Conference, we harness the wisdom and creativity of the world’s greatest thinkers to effectively embrace this sea-change and solve the most complex problems.”

With sessions featuring leaders from multinational corporations, global financial firms, technology companies, government and other experts, the Milken Institute is continuing its focus on the business imperative to embrace equality and diversity in all forms.

“Leaders must understand how shifting culture and demography affect the challenges ahead,” said Ditizio. “We can be a catalyst toward expanding prosperity and improving health outcomes by connecting those with social, human and financial capital to those who desperately need it.”

For a complete agenda and list of speakers, visit

“It is going to be a remarkable gathering that will help advance our commitment to building meaningful lives.” said Michael Klowden, Milken Institute CEO.

The Milken Institute Global Conference may be monitored through social media with the hashtag #MIGlobal. A number of special guests will participate in interviews on Facebook Live and LinkedIn.

The Five-Time Super Bowl Champion, Tom Brady had today an interesting conversation with Jim Gray the Sportscaster at the The Milken Institute Global Conference.

In addition, the Milken Institute is publishing a collection of thought-provoking essays to amplify the conversations taking place at the Global Conference. The Power of Ideas features contributions from corporate executives like Pepsico’s Indra Nooyi to environmental activists like Matt Damon and Gary White with topics ranging from achieving gender equality to tackling the opioid crisis, funding the war on poverty and the evolution of ethical artificial intelligence. Power of Ideas and other conference details are available online at

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