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Refugees continue to break through the Turkey-Greek borders

The Syrian refugees abandon their homeland and the chaos of their country hoping that at the end of their tribulation journey will find their right to live somewhere peacefully.

The future of Africa and Asia continents, along with their young parents, travel fearlessly for many days, sometimes even on foot, towards the western world.

As soon as they step into the Greek land, after crossing Turkey’s border through the cold waters of the river Evros, they plead the Greek authorities for a place to stay and for a meal that can keep them alive.

Although the last two years Greek authorities have reinforced drastically the borders, just in April more than 2,900 refugees have arrived into the Greek islands and they continue to break through the Turkey-Greek borders.

The agreement of European Union and Ankara in March 2016 surely did close the road of Immigrants from Turkey to Greece, but effectively turned five Aegean islands into cramped holding camps for more than 15,000 people unable to leave until their claims are processed.

About one million refugees and immigrants arrive in the Greek islands in 2015, and nowadays the migrants who arrive via the Evros river are taken to be registered, and then given a three-month resident permit. Theoretically, they are free to move around Greece - unlike those on the islands.

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