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The firearm of the 14-year-old juvenile has been confiscated.

Another shooting happened on Friday morning at Highland High School in Palmdale, CA according to the Twitter of Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

One person is injured and right now is in stable condition at a hospital, while the firearm of the detained suspect, a 14-year-old male, has been confiscated.

A suspect is in custody after authorities responded to a shooting at a Southern California high school Friday morning, officials said.

Witnesses who were outside the school described hearing gunshots and seeing students running from the building.

The suspect was apprehended near a Vons grocery store in Palmdale, a Los Angeles County fire official said.

"All authorities are telling us right now is that they are working on the situation," a student’s father said. "The only thing I want right now is to have my daughter right here."

The school's principal posted a message on Twitter, urging people to stay away from the campus.

"Law enforcement is working to assess the situation," the Principal Chris Grado wrote. "Please stay clear of campus. Will update as soon as have more information."

However, shooting at the schools actually is one of the biggest fears for all students and teachers around the United States lately.

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