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Vegan Pancakes Tower

Healthy Vegan Pancakes Tower recipe for athletes given by my Yoga teacher in Greece Sokratis Koursourmbis and observe your mood rising up in the infinite happiness.

Indeed, the energy given by these chocolate pancakes is unbelievable, resulting in mental and physical alertness, at least, for the next 4 to 5 hours!

Ingredient for the Pancakes:

1 cup of oats,

1 banana, a healthy fruit rich in vitamins

1 cup of vegetable milk, rich in calcium


Preheat the oven to 390°.

Blend the oats until it becomes the consistency of flour, and then add the banana along with milk. Keep blending all the ingredients together for 3 minutes until it becomes porridge.

On an oiled baking pan spread out with a ladle the oats dough, make sure to give a round shape, and then put the pan in the oven and bake the pancakes for 15 to 20' (Careful for not overbaking)

Ingredient for Chocolate Mousse (I called Praline)

1/2 ripe avocado,

4 royal dudes polluted for half an hour in lukewarm water,

1 tablespoon of cocoa


First, let’s start blending the Royal Dudes with a little water. As soon as the mixture becomes a soft cream add the avocado with the cocoa and keep blending them all together.

On a large plate, lay out one by one the baked pancakes and start spread on the chocolate mousse along with the banana slices. Continue until you build a pancake tower.

Garnish the top of the Pancakes Tower with fruits of our choice, roasted nuts, cinnamon and cocoa powder.

P.S. You can add a Maca Powder or a Protein Powder to the pancakes dough, but be prepared to start running up in the mountains.

Tip: Do not blend the Maca Powder over than 1' because will become bitter.

P.S. Eat as much as you can of this Divine Dessert, it is healthy and won’t make you fat.

Until the next recipe KEEP CALM AND GO VEGAN

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