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A Backpack Away from Solo Travelling!

Are you fearful of the idea of travelling alone? Well, many of us, at some point, are doubtful, anxious and scared with just the idea of travelling alone. More often than not, solo travellers are thought to be lonely. Well, at one point I also had similar thoughts about travelling solo until I saw my mother do it, travel solo.

Hi, my name is Mitali. I am in my early 20s and am receptive to new ideas, opinions and thoughts that could bring out the best of me. Well, I'm positive in solo travelling right after I saw its miracle in my mother’s life.

I saw some positive changes in her personality. My mom is transformed into an independent, confident, and successful person. For her, Solo Travelling turns out to be a path of learning and growing as a good human being.

But as appealing as it may sound some of us have questions related to solo travelling like: Is solo travelling safely? What will happen to be so many days lonely? Will I earn something through solo travelling? And the most important question is, Why should I take the risk to travel alone?

Solo travelling is an activity, which can help us to be mature and aware enough to understand the importance of change in our lives. As aware as we may be, we always need to prioritize certain things before actually travelling solo. For example, being aware of what’s happening during your trip is very important. You will be in a new environment, but at the same time you will put your life at risk and suddenly everything will be okay and I will explain to you why?

You will interact and socialize with different culture and ethics, but you will learn lots of new things which will change your perspective on life.

You will also be able to earn through the travel expeditions, which take time and experience, but you will get there if with enough dedication.

Solo travelling is about change, awareness, independence, empowerment, freedom and self-discovery. It is about leaving your comfort zone to explore the unknown and then embrace it.

Our mind creates boundaries make up by fears just to protect us from a kind of dangers, but let me tell you that this is a mindset we inherited from perceptions and beliefs taught by our ancestors.

In earlier days the tribes were always protective of their own people and would create boundaries to protect them from enemies.

Decades after, our mind still functions in a similar pattern. We still are afraid to leave our comfort zone, a reason to be afraid travelling alone, but not good enough to prevent you to experience the bounty of solo travelling.

Let me tell you, my friend, that the fear of unknown won’t break the cycle of fears, but throughout solo travelling certainly, best things will happen and positive changes will show up in your life.

Now the big question is how you do travel solo?

First, you need to make a plan and Brainstorming helps then prioritize the most important things you want to experience. Make use of the technology to get the safest and best deals, which enhance your experiences. Do your researches well about the places you want to visit and people you want to meet? Socialize, learn something new, be receptive, but mostly enjoy your experiences.

The moment you make efforts to break the vicious cycle of the fears, you start to grow and transform into a different person. That is called “Change” which is necessary for our existence and survival.

So grab your bag pack and go for that trip because you never know what could actually change the perception of your life.

I have learned to travel and explore the world fearlessly only because of my mom and her wonderful solo travel expeditions. My mother has given me the most beautiful gift of freedom which I now hand over to you. With this, I wish all lovely mothers a very happy mother’s day.

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