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When a dog asks for your help

“This could save a life - if a service dog approaches you without their owner, please assume that their owner is in danger and that the dog is looking for somebody to help them out.” Melissa Hope, from Pennsylvania, tweeted.

This important message written form a personal Twitter account informs the public about the way of service dogs try to summon assistance when its owner tripped up, assuming they were having a seizure.

Another woman added a similar tale to the mix adding “always follow a service dog. My classmate's service dog came up to me alone outside and I said "where's your mom?" he ran off and I ran with him. His mom was having a seizure on the sidewalk and I was there to put my sweater under her head to protect her.

“I honestly didn't know that I was supposed to follow a service dog in a vest if it approached me by itself. I do now. So do you. The world is a slightly better place. Well done us. 🐾💙” Jim Campbell tweeted.

Life should be rich in learning and growth everyday - and thanks to this courageous post, I have truly learnt something today, thank you 😉 See Alan J Nobbs's retweeted at Melisa Hope informative Twitter.

It is a Twitter world through where we have acquired the knowledge of dogs behaviour.

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