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The Hollywood Fringe Festival 2018

The creative event known as The Hollywood Fringe Festival is hosted every June at the theaters throughout Hollywood. Thousands of talented people during the festival put on original performances every night throughout the Hollywood area. These range in cost, though you can buy tickets for mot for only ten or fifteen dollars.

One Last Thing Before You Go was an unusual event this year, where the audience was part of the performance. I entered the venue, knowing only the show’s title. A greeter informed me that I was newly deceased and a hooded figure escorted me to a waiting room for spirits. I read a binder explaining the rules spirits must follow. It also told me something about events related to death and the afterlife during the 1920s. Death then directed me to a room with restful light effects and the sound of strange voices which faded in and out. Then, someone summoned any departed spirits in the area and I found myself the focus of a séance. There, a medium attempted to help a grieving couple who wished to communicate the ghost of their departed child.

Through a series of questions from the medium, and knocks and other responses by me, the living interacted with me, as a departed spirit. The performers did a great job and I greatly enjoyed the experience. Eventually, the spirit had to depart, and my place in the séance ended.

There are performances of all types at the festival, ranging from the three-act Importance of Being Oscar, about Oscar Wild, to Cthulhu the Musical. Some pieces are political, while others focus on more immediate experiences. Some are serious, others zany. Whatever you seek, the Hollywood Festival has it for you!

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