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Movie Academy Invites Female & People of Color to Join its membership

“Proud to be a member of a New Academy” is the headline of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences new announcement posted on Monday, June 25, 2018.

New members, more than 900, from 59 countries have been invited from the Academy to join its biggest diversity. A lack of diversity within the Academy for its mostly white and male membership has long been cited as a barrier to racial inclusion in Hollywood’s highest honours.

The Academy responded two years ago by pledging to double female and minority membership by 2020.

Today the Academy announced that “is extending invitations to join the organization to 928 artists and executives who have distinguished themselves by their contributions to theatrical motion pictures.”

The Movie Academy female membership is rising up this year to 31 percent and to 16 percent the people of color membership including the:

Kristy Carlson, the casting director of “Wonder Woman”

Alison Brie the actress at “The Post,”

Mindy Kaling the actress at “Ocean’s 8,”

Caroline Benjo, the producer of “Coco before Chanel,”

J.K. Rowling the creator of “Harry Potter” series.

Kendrick Lamar the music composer of "Black Panther," are few of the artists who got invited by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to join its membership.

Total membership would stand at more than 7,000 actors, writers, directors, executives and others. just for the record, The Academy’s membership process is by sponsorship, not an application. Candidates must be sponsored by two Academy members from the branch to which the candidate seeks admission.

However, the new members will be welcomed into the Academy at invitation-only receptions in the fall of 2018.

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