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Roasted Salmon with Spinach and Yogurt Cream

In the summertime, the hot weather doesn't help our body to easily digest heavy meals. Therefore Chef Renato, for this weekend suggests a light, but a nutritious meal in order for us to enjoy the summer activity by swimming, paddling or even running on the beach.

Get ready to spend less than 30 minutes at the kitchen preparing a delicious dinner for yourself and of course for your loved ones.

Roasted Salmon with Spinach and Yogurt Cream

Let's start preparing our meal by gathering the fresh ingredients preferably by the farmer's market.


28 lb. Salmon Fillet

35 oz. fresh Spinach

3.5 oz. Yoghurt sauce

1 garlic clove

½ bunch dill

Olive oil, salt, pepper


Wash the spinach well and then clean it by removing the leaf tails.

In a small bowl, prepare the Yogurt sauce by mixing it with pepper, olive oil, and the dill -after having grated thin.

Roast the Salmon and after that on the same baking pan gently toss the spinach steering it continually until begins to wilt.

On an around plate place the boiled spinach, and on top of it put the roasted salmon.

Decorated the plate side with the yoghurt sauce and the dinner is beautifully ready to be served.

Boun Appetit!

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