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Seeking Ghost Town Experience?

Seeking for a ghost town experience? Goldfield, with the small western settlements and mineral wealth that gave life to its inhabitants it’s a perfect stop. The ghost town is located in Nevada and is not far from the California border.

The Goldfield, like most boom towns, it withered when precious metal grew increasingly more difficult to find.

Prospectors discovered gold here in 1902, and Goldfield soon grew into a grand center of mining, rail traffic, and commerce. Residents built a city hall, grand for its time, which still stands. Thick stone walls keep it cool inside and western memorabilia lines the walls, including examples of many brands used by ranchers throughout the region.

The nearby Goldfield Hotel built it 1907 by the time was a luxurious four-story edifice within one-hundred and fifty rooms, an electric elevator, and crystal chandeliers in every room.

The Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters television shows have tracked paranormal activity there, with the crew of the former program claiming to have encountered high levels of spectral activity. With population of only around two hundred, everyone knows who has the keys of the hotel so you can enjoy the tour inside its old walls!

Walking around town, you’ll see many ruins. These range from a crumbling motel, once some entrepreneur’s dream, to collapsing wooden houses to a lonely stone arch that once gave access to some fine building. A sad, moldering three-story schoolhouse occupies the center of town, as if in mourning. Most of the town exists in a state of decay.

A short walk to the west, you’ll find a strange monument with dozens of vehicles being partially buried, usually nose down, with the exposed surfaces painted and graffitied. Like many of the Southwest’s weird sights, at the Goldfield is nothing that tells you who built the monument, or why.

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