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No Signs of Terrorist Background of the Bus Attacker

The man who attacked a full bus in northern Germany injuring seriously at least 14 people was overpowered and taken into police custody.

On Twitter, the police wrote “There are currently no indications the man was political radicalized and no signs of a terrorist background.”

The attacker, a 34-year-old Iran descent, is a German citizen who lives in Luebeck for years.

In a statement the police and state prosecutor’s office said “There were no dead. The background to the crime is still unclear and the subject of the ongoing investigation.”

The police added that a backpack was found in the bus from which smoke was appearing. It was examined by a bomb squad, which found a “fire accelerant” but no explosives.

“One of the victims had just given up his place to an older woman, when the attacker stabbed him in the chest.” a witness says for Luebecker Nachrichten newspaper.

A Tunisian whose request for asylum was turned down in December 2016 hijacked a truck in Berlin and ploughed into a crowded marketplace. Twelve people, including the man driving the truck, were killed.

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