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An American got lost Sailing in Russia's Far West

Was the American sailor looking to break a new Guinness record by travelling in a small rubber boat through frozen waters of North Earth?

Russian border agents detained an exhausted American who got lost sailing in Russia’s Far West.

The 46-years-old, John Martin was found exhausted near Lavrentiya, a coastal village in the remote Chukotka region, which is about 55 miles from Alaska.

"About two weeks ago, he decided to take to the open sea,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in Moscow. “Due to inclement weather and because he lacked navigation equipment, he spent several days in the open sea. This is how he ended up in the Russian Federation.”

The BBC reported that a source close to the investigation quoted Martin as saying he had been fishing along the Alaskan coast and had decided to sail from the US to China, but ended up in Russia.

However Martin received medical treatment in Lavrentiya and his condition is "satisfactory" according to Zakharova.

Obviously and unfortunately Martin couldn’t reach his destination through Russia!

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