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Custody Road a True Story of Our Era!

The most important issue of our time reflects perfectly on the new movie Custody Road. A story that mirrors the love with the vengeance, both powerful actions, the one can build a quality life and the other can easily destroy it.

John Lacy, the director and the writer of the movie obviously had found the best viewpoint to practically describe the consequences of the divorce.

Josh's Daugherty acting skills thrive in the movie as he gets into the Logan skin, a father who entered into a deadly path in order to get back the past happy moments along with his wife and family.

Andrea Muller, the Greek blood, through her role as Loretta, creates a sceptical character full of anxieties and queries.

As for Frank Crim, I'm telling you, this is the movie where you just sit in front of a big screen and enjoy his breathtaking acting skills.

Custody Road story shows that being a mother is not a trophy given by the law or by the society is a right granted by nature along with the life.

Erin Fleming, Torrei Hart, Dohn Norwood, Rachael Markarian, Johnny Jenkinson, and Michael Broderick are some of the other cast.

Enjoy the Custody Road is now on iTunes, Amazon, or GooglePlay.

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