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Questions to Ask Yourself Every Day

The questions you ask yourself on a daily basis create the person you become. So rather than interrogating yourself with the all too common, “Have I achieved enough? Did I earn enough? Am I good enough?” start asking yourself a few power questions which can definitely increase your quality of life and help all your dreams come true.

Below are 10 Important Questions to Ask Yourself Every Night right before you go to bed.

1. What did I learn?

We can learn something from everyone we meet and everything we do. Embrace each opportunity to dare greatly, to fail greatly, and to learn greatly.

2. Who did I love?

Love is when we are brave and fearful. To love takes courage, but if you give love you will be rewarded with love.

3. How was I vulnerable?

Being vulnerable is magical. Being vulnerable is about taking off your mask and allowing yourself to be deeply seen. It is asking for help, taking risks, and stepping outside of your comfort zone.

4. What am I grateful for?

Gratitude reminds you that you have enough and you are enough. A gratitude jar is a lovely way to practice gratitude.

5. Who did I listen to?

Sometimes we just need to be listeners. No fixing, no advice giving, no sympathy, just taking the time to listen to a friend, a colleague, a stranger, who wants to share her pain, her joy, or her story with us.

6. How was I challenged?

Challenge is not the same as struggle. You may have to overcome the same obstacle or confront the same demon but it's your choice whether you see it as a soul-destroying struggle or embrace it as a spirit-awakening challenge.

7. What made me laugh?

Never underestimate the power of laughter! If you haven’t laughed today, then have a private giggle to yourself right now.

8. Who did I connect with?

Connection is the energy created between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued. It provides us with a sense of belonging that helps us to realize that we are not alone.

9. How did I grow?

We grow everyday through every experience; we just fail to appreciate it. You may have made a big leap on your journey of growth and blossomed from a bud to a flower, or you may have just made a baby-step up the stairs or personal growth.

10. What did I share?

Never underestimate your ability to inspire someone, to teach someone, and to make someone else’s life better. You are a unique individual with a story to tell. You can share what nobody else can.

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