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Before Adopting A Pet

It seems as if the western world has become more vulnerable to pets than to humans. Pets are becoming that important in their lives lately that millions of families, no matter their financial status poor, middle-class or wealthy are spending billions of dollars, plenty of their precious time, and bunch of their pride for taking care and sharing feelings with their coexist beings.

Among the billions of beings in the planet Earth, of course, not all are created to live under human protections, to be used by them or even to become humans’ friend, alias pet. Therefore, before accommodating an animal in your home, get acquainted with the responsibilities that come along with the cute and friendly creatures.

According to the human experiences below are the rating of the Top House Pets which obviously the number ones on the list are The Best Humans’ Friends, the Dogs!

1. Dogs, regardless of size or race, are definitely a great house pet! Dogs are dutiful, loyal, and playful and they protect your family. Whenever you feel sad your dog feels too and will stay right there with you. Dogs will, and do, put their lives on the lines to protect their human companions and of course they know to show best greetings when you come home!

The domestic dog is a wolf-like Canis, the genus of mammals commonly known as wolves, dingoes, dogs, coyotes, and jackals, the most widely abundant terrestrial carnivore. No animal has aided humans in their endeavors more than Canines (horses come closest).

2. The "House Cats", contrary to popular belief, are not truly domesticated. Regarding to dogs they do have better hygiene since they clean themselves.

Getting home quickly is not an issue if you have a cat because Cats don't need to be walked and surely won't ever wake your neighbors.

Do feel in the mood to play with your cat? Then, go for it, and teach her as many tricks as you have taught to a dog and more.

3. There is nothing quite like coming home to a Rabbit that running toward you jumping for joy, or flopping over against you and falling asleep. Apparently the small, soft mammals are ranked in third place as the most favorite human pets.

The unique, quirky and intelligent Rabbits are easy to take care of. The indoor ones need food, water and a litter box, while an outdoor rabbit needs to have a clean cage usually every two or three weeks. No matter what make sure to give your rabbit lots of attention because pet rabbits require social interaction and special care.

4. Adopting a Hamster is an amazing experience but require a family with children above 10. This cute, cuddly, and "nocturnal" pet is affordable and easy to breed, no need for worries because your little rodent can be fed at night.

Keep Hamsters males and females apart, two males together will fight, and don’t be afraid they don't bite unless you startle them or your hands smell like food. A Dwarf Hamster is sweetest one, never ever bites, and even gives kisses!

5. The misjudged Guinea Pigs are cute pets and they doing great with children. The rodent species truthfully, are the best and easiest pets to keep. They don't take much work but they do need plenty of attention.

Guinea Pigs hardly bite (they do only when they have a medical problem, or to let you know when holding them they need to use the bathroom.)

6. Lizards are amazingly exotic animals who love to cuddle. In case you wanna have fun put the sweet reptile on your shoulder and walks around! Best of all, they live up to 25 years!

Blue tongue skinks are the BEST lizard to have as a pet. Very docile and you don't have to feed them every day or bugs! They eat dog food and veggies with calcium and vitamin supplements.

The blue tongue skink and the bearded dragon grow one inch each month while the leopard gecko lizard no.

7. Ferret is a combination of a cat and a dog. Even though Ferret are small animal, their agile and playfulness can bring a pleasant atmosphere in the family. Their little ferret dance is always a blast to watch while their curiosity forever getting them into adorable awkward situations. If ever something goes missing, check your ferrets stash, it's almost certain the little carpet sharks decided it belongs to him now. Ferrets can be trained to come when called or do tricks.

8. Fish are great pets for those not wanting to invest too much money or time into a pet. Fighting fish are expensive but recommended as great pets in small houses. Is fun to play with the fish but don’t get attached to them cause they last about 3 years if you care properly. Important is not to mix the colorful Fighting Fish with other species.

9. Turtles are awesome pets with great personality and their not the slow old "things" that people say they are! As pets Turtles are easy to take care off, the basic reptile care, around a 100 gallon tank with water and a backyard, promise them a long life. Turtles are amazing as geckos.

10. Never get a bird for pet before you do a research because birds are noisy, messy and need lots of care. They need a large cage with lots of toys and perches, a diet that consists of pellets, limited seed and fresh veggies/fruit, and at least an hour out of the cage for small parrots and several hours for large parrots.

Birds are much more cost-effective and easy to take care of in comparison to what they have to offer. Many birds can be just as social as dogs in cats, as and much more than rabbits. They best part about birds is that they are extremely easy to breed and the babies are not hard to rise.

Don't clip bird’s wings; let them fly around the house (supervised). Birds form deep bonds with their owners and are very affectionate and friendly if given enough attention. You can train them to do many tricks, such as talking, target training, flight recall, wave, big eagle, play dead and more.

Hopefully these basic information about pets can help you to decide which pet feat better to your needs. Remember the common benefits of the pets are their friendly, lovely and cute.

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