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Beyonce Offers Free Tickets for Vegan

Improve your daily lifestyle and, not only but, even follow for free the Music Superstar couple in concerts by just Going Vegan!

The plant-based meals lovers are welcome to support the Greenprint Project just by adopting a Vegan lifestyle, at least for a month, an action that will grant them a lifetime free tickets at Beyonce and her hub, Jay-Z concerts.

Beyonce empowers her fans with a vow on her Instagram account to eat plant-based breakfasts and go meatless on Mondays, while her husband, Jay-Z promised to eat two plant-based meals a day.

Marco Borges, the project founder, explains his plant-based diet and exercise plan on his “The Greenprint” book published last December. Beyonce and her husband support her personal trainer’s book by writing its introduction.

A study in the journal Science last June concluded that avoiding meat and dairy products would be the biggest way to reduce the environmental impact on the planet because of reduced irrigation of farmland, animal emissions, food processing and transport.

Under the contest rules, one fan will get a pair of tickets to one official concert tour by Beyonce and/or Jay-Z for the next 30 years.

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