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The Untold Thoughts of You

“No expectation,” you said right in the beginning of our relationship aiming for one nightstand.

Used to be in the man-nature hunting the female, have sex and then returning home to their wives playing the trustworthy husband. But in a civilized world acting unconsciously doesn't make any sense, not to forget the popular wisdom, if you play with fire you're gonna get burned.

That one night stand ended up to be many other nightstands and a painful experience between. But, the wall you built with your two words, “No expectations,” obviously, shut the door of claiming our right to enjoy the feelings we both had for each other.

A married man doesn’t want his wife to know that he’s having sex with other women. But babe, she knows, she feels your absence, she can’t translate her feelings in words but deep inside she knows that you are looking out there in the world for something. She won’t say anything because she has learned to solace herself believing that she is the chosen one and the others are the used one just for sex.

Of course, we want to keep our life private. Due to the effects of anger or jealousy, we surely prefer to distance ourselves from furious people especially if we know that we're selling them fake love just to feed the need of sex through them.

However, my point today is not if someone uses his fellow human to fulfill his needs because this is the law of jungle, the strong or the wise always wins. I want to emphasize here the power of connection.

Everything in this world happens for us, to lift us up on growing stronger and surely friends help us to discover the hidden part of our inner power.

“Bad karma goes to those who their friends with benefits are married,” said a God-fearing friend spreading out the seed of fear. She also supported her belief with an example: “Odyssey's cunning gave the victory to Greeks over the Trojan multi-year war. But, the bad Karma condemned the king of Ithaca to wander through the seas for another 10 years, leaving his wife Penelope, and son Telemachus dealing with a bunch of unruly suitors to compete for Penelope's hand in marriage.”

“What’s wrong on sharing the ultimate of intimacy with someone who makes you feel the power of NOW” I asked spontaneously.

Being supportive, inspiring and motivating friend will absolutely build a good Karma for everyone who moves in this direction, in case the definition of karma is the cause and effect of our actions. But…, oh God…, having sex with your best friend is the biggest life challenge and the deepest friendship ever imagines if you marry him/her. The power of connection will strengthen the energy by transforming it into a driving force to accelerate the intentions towards a wealthy and joyful life.

Oh, wait a minute, if you try to hurt your lover, to dominate it or to abuse his/her faith will, consequently, bring a heck of difficult challenges in life. In this point I’m wondering, is good karma when you lie to your friends or to your family members? Do you really believe they don’t know or they don’t feel your lies? How bad could be your karma when you threaten your loved ones in order to force them to stay into your life? How bad the children feel when they see their parents not communicating respectfully or even ignoring each other. What’s the life messages the children get from a toxic marriage? Let me try to picture the questions in words.

Children will get scared of marriage if they grow in a house where their parents fight with each other.

Your daughter will believe that cheating is a necessity in marriage. If she ever gets married she will accept her husband to cheat on her because this is what she knows from her dad and if you believe that she don’t feel your flirtatious soul you damn wrong!

Of course, marriage is an arrangement between two people for a life of togetherness but, if the connection doesn’t work, why is it wrong to break it off? Oh yeah, the fear of the penalties keeps you stuck in a sick relationship.

Analyzing the situation coldly, without emotions, will we see that the consequences of a civilized divorce are way better than the consequences of a toxic togetherness?

Aggression, nervousness and desperation are results of a Dead Marriage. The cheating, definitely, is the clear evidence of a man/women looking for someone to feed their soul and their inner world with love, affection and especially with confidence for a brighter future.

People who live in healthy relationships do not look outside their togetherness to fulfill themselves or their needs. There is no temptation to keep them apart. There are no words or gossip to make them lose their faith for each other.

Exchanging thoughts, feelings, understanding and their present moment with each other makes them flow towards the discovery of a creative life full of new experiences. Life becomes fun and magic when our intention serves the agreed purpose.

Cunning and evil thoughts or actions are the most important obstacles that prevent us from having a prosperous, joyful life and healthy relationships.

Here goes the most important life’s question; where are we going?

Please don’t even think to justify your fears with the excuse; you’re sacrificing your happiness for the sake of your children.”

Why using our precious time trying to survive inside of a miserable relationship?

Daring to claim the right of a wealthy life based on our authenticity, values, and skills assuredly put us on a journey of togetherness with World's Greatest Leaders who know where are going and what are doing. These are our fellow human who engraves the course of humanity guiding it towards peace and creativity.

P.S. This Article is written with love and affection to all my friends, colleges and family members including my ex!

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