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Make it or Break it, This Changes Everything!

Historically, mankind trusts her children to the woman, or perhaps the women trust their children to humanity? No matter what, the fact is that woman generates and raises humanity, but paradoxically, her participation in the world's history has been for centuries in the background, as the classic quote says, "Behind Every Successful Man is a Strong Woman." Worthy to mention here that behind Great Alexander was Olympia, his mother.

Two years of intense research by Geena Davis institute have been enough to show off the shocking evidence of distinction in the biggest entertainment industry that has the power to affect the whole world. And, when the shreds of evidence were on the table, the responsible officials of Hollywood were confused, unable to solve the problem, because first of all, they couldn't see that there was a problem.

For decades the discrimination in the entertainment industry has kept women and people of color away from the daily practice of their profession. Hollywood agents, studios, and even the academy have always shut down the doors of working opportunities to many talented female directors, writer, editors, etc. with the excuse that they do not have a reliable experience. "Women don't sell" was the classic line of the men who ruled the entertainment industry of Hollywood.

The living proof is the story of Catherine Hardwicke, the director of the most successful YA movie, the Twilight. As Hardwicke nailed the teen emotions and relationships by remaining faithful to their novel, the box-office profit surpassed all expectations, earning the highest-ever opening weekend gross at the time $119 million. In this point is worthy to mention that when a director hit the box-office expectations they usually get extra bonus such as a car, a two-picture deal, and a huge office but the gifted Hardwicke got just a mini cupcake and lots of offensive adjectives such as, "emotional, difficult or irrational woman.”

No woman has ever been hired by Hollywood Studios to do anything in the blockbuster category but Hardwicke has unexpectedly managed to turn a novel into a huge worldwide success and become the first female director with a big blockbuster.

However, Hollywood, in an attempt to play safe, continues to ignore Catherine’s talent, but the world will never ignore her majestic art-work.

The same goes for the director Kimberly Peirce who after the enormous success of Boys Do not Cry, went 9 years without making another movie.

The storytelling machine of the biggest entertainment industry in the world relies on the White Men's world, according to the shocking facts collected by actress and activist Geena Davis.

Surprisingly, the female directors in Hollywood hold just 0.5% of work in the film industry and when the Directors Guild of America lawsuit the studios a woman judge threw the case out with a saying, “Women need to shut up because their actions shut out themselves.”

Women and the people of color in Hollywood never asked to change the law but to enforce the existing one to those who rule the World's Seventh Art.

“Progress happens when a man gets involved to fix the problem,” says Tom Donahue, the director of the upcoming documentary “This changes everything” in the special screening of La Press Club on Thursday, July 25th.

Obviously, based on the successful art-works like Wonder Woman which WOW box-office grossing over $821 million worldwide followed by Viola Davis TV Show, How to Get Away with Murder, the film industry of Hollywood is changing because of actions and also because men are supporting the discriminated artists.

Geena Davis Produced the well-made documentary 'This Changes Everything' where Meryl Streep, Rashida Jones, Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Oh, Jessica Chastain, Tiffany Haddish and other top actresses brings up gender discrimination in the media and entertainment industry.

“This changes everything” is the inside Hollywood story on camera without any commercial, that shows that the rulers of the seventh art have an absolute power to influence children but looks like they don't recognize that their artwork promotes the new generation towards discrimination.

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