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Why Jealous?

We all are going through different challenges and if you think that the king has no problems, huh, I'm telling, you are far, far away from the truth.

There are different away how each of us deals with the problems. Personally, I used to run away from problems, but damn, no matter what I do or where I go, they always show up and sometimes bigger than before.

Realizing that I have to face the problem insteate of ignoring it doesn't mean that I still don't try to run away from it, unsuccessfully I really do try. (Smile)

Whatever, recently, I found the “Time Off” formula which is working well to reflect on problems and planning their solution.

“Time Off” means, I go to, or I create an environment that fills me with the power of gratitude. It is kind of a trick to motivate myself.

Visiting a dear friend and spending quality time with, talking about life’s lessons, exchanging book suggestions, or planning a bright future, fill me with the power of gratitude that pushes me to walk fearlessly through any challenge.

Spending time with myself walking on the beach, going to a movie theater, or even dining at the Happy Hour of a fancy restaurant, is a process that helps me to find the upcoming actions how to address the challenge.

Taking care of my house is another process of finding the best solution to problems. Cleaning the house, (my house is kind of biiiig), gardening such as, planting, trimming, or watering the veggies are moves that keep my mind active so I can handle in the best way my journey through any kind of challenges.

Posting a fairytale picture on social media elevate my gratitude up to the sky, boost my self-esteem, as well as the belief of a brighter future ahead. These useful posts in times of depression are the perfect reminder of life's breathless moments which cries out loudly that it is worth walking through challenges that eventually lead to moments of joy and love.

Life is not about showing up who am I or what I do. Certainly, I'm a human being that makes lots of mistakes but blessed with a bunch of powers and enriched with the wisdom to adapt the lessons of life's experiences into a daily routine.

Motivating myself with the tools I gained from past experiences is my torch to a wealthy future.

Not all my acquired come from a parental heritage, they reached my life through hundreds of thousands of hours of reading, hard work, and absolute discipline.

Much of my knowledge comes from my wise parents though. My mom used to say, "Better to know than to have!" It makes sense because knowledge acquires everything, while lack of it definitely pushes us to lose it all, even what we have!

A plea, if currently you are surfing through my social media and feeling jealous by the deceptive pictures of my glamorous life, instate of getting mad with me and start poisoning your thoughts with hate remember that I am still crying the betrayal of my loved ones, I'm terrified by the unknown and most important, my heart is still bleeding by the pain of love.

The good thing, though, is that I keep walking courageously through all life’s challenges counting my daily blessings and one of my blessings are you and your time to read my thoughts above! THANK YOU!

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