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Broken Promise Source of Wisdom

You promised never to hurt me again, but you broke my heart in tiny pieces just weeks later. You might’ve been given nothing but broken promises all your life. Oh God, I hope you didn’t promise and intentionally broke it. Didn’t you?

However, giving others the benefit of the doubt can easily extend graciousness to ourselves because a broken promise is also an opportunity to show compassion.

Sadly, we do not value our words, which must be one of the biggest reasons our relationships aren’t all sunshine and rainbows.

I wish we could grow without losing the spark of hope in this complicated world full of challenges and never be disappointed by the words we choose to express our fearful thoughts or feelings.

I wish we could walk fearlessly through any life situation using the power of words impeccably toward truth and love.

I wish we do not seek fault or imperfection in people or our relationships.

I wish we could value relationships and ourselves as our only possessions.

Of course, “I hope you’re alright” I always want your thoughts and actions glowing brighter. My point is that we were supposed to be steps above this, enjoying the benefits of a healthy relationship and growing through it.

We may not need a shoulder all that much. Perhaps, we don’t have to make commitments or live up to self-created obligations.

Maybe we must be ourselves as we long to become better humans.

Maybe we need to relax and enjoy the benefits of our creations and belongings.

Promises are hope manufactured by humans, and we tend to oversupply. So, let’s switch perspectives one last time: Life doesn’t make any promises. We’re all born with high hopes, but none were ever advertised to us as guaranteed to come true.

People will only sometimes keep their promises. And you won’t either. But remember that it doesn’t matter what we do or say; the time we spend here together makes life worth living, and even broken words will weave the fabric of the experience.

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