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Seeking Imperfections & Flaws

You feel it in your bones, flowing gracefully into your veins along with the blood. It makes you feel powerful and joyful, but still, you can’t enjoy it.

The blessing that magically appears in our lives scares us. I'm referring to the magical moment of work promotion, of child's birth, or even more, when the Romantic Love shows up from nowhere in the face of a desirable woman or of a handsome, independent man.

Kind of moments that make our heart beating in the rhythm of life elevating us to the next level. But the damn fears of losing them and getting hurt raise up suspicions, along with defensive walls that instead of protecting the magic, prevent it from flowing freely into our lives

Life is dynamic, experiences and even science agree with, but its potential often throws us out of the comfort zone so, we resist, holding on tight to what it is. Right there the inner critic takes over and begins to seek flaws or imperfections.

“It can’t be true! "There’s something hidden behind this moment of thriving”. This is how our judgmental thoughts try to keep us far away from the truth of who we are: Evolving Humans Blessed with Abundance of Health and Wealth.

Everyone loves changes and surprises, they make us feel alive, but we are lazy enough to follow the process. So, we start comparing situations, even ourselves, with the ideal image we have created in our mind, usually based on the life of a famous artist.

Obviously, there is no right person or situation. Someone’s life is unique in itself and the fact of comparison reflects our fears of daring.

It’s exhausting to maintain a facade over time that strips us of our authentic self. However, if you insist here goes the fact that flaws are proof that life is not a perfect package which includes a perfect family, career, relationship, health or wealth. Imperfections help in reading people, as well as to accept life and its dynamics.

As we abandon ourselves by giving credit or weight to the inner critic, we miss out on everything good life has to offer.

Flipping the judgmental thoughts away like they are little pieces of dust, definitely, brings us back to life, an evolving one with the only certainty the Change!

Let’s Honour our feelings and use it to examine what inflames our emotions. Instead of focusing on our separateness let’s transform our inner dialogue to reaffirm our wholeness and quietly to evolve into the highest version of ourselves.

After all, it was Martin Luther King Jr. who declared: “Take the First Step in Faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

Dare to Evolve!

Follow the ancient saying,

"Who Dares Wins"

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