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The Greatest Salesman in the World

'More Books, More Freedom' is the meaning behind the "Friday Book Suggestions" series, where we talk and share storytelling of human experiences and values, which have always been inspiring guides to human life.

Will always remember Theodore Dreiser's novel, 'An American Tragedy.' The feelings of love, sadness, greed, and the sleepless nights reading both huge volumes shaped my life's Will and Purpose during my teens.

If you are feeling lost or lonely, The Bible can be an excellent source of inspiration. Whenever I've needed guidance in complex decision-making, a quick browse of the Bible has always provided me with answers.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is one of the most influential books in my life, and it holds a significant place in my Pyramid of milestones.

Ernest Hemingway's novel, "The Old Man and the Sea," has had a significant impact on my writing career. His penmanship has inspired me to aim for approachable writing, where I can explain fundamental aspects of life in the simplest way possible, much like Hemingway did in his inspiring and powerful stories. Every linguist in this World would dream of using spoken and written words effectively, just as the Great Hemingway did.

Additionally to fiction and non-fictional storytelling, Self-improvement books are valuable resources that can aid in navigating complex personal and professional challenges. The age of globalization and the abundance of information available online offers the opportunity for everyone to choose the most appropriate book to address their specific situation.

Og Mandino once said, "Most humans, in varying degrees, are already dead. Either way or another, they have lost their dreams, ambitions, and desire for a better life... They have settled for a life of mediocrity, days of despair, and nights of tears... Yet they need not remain in that state. They can be resurrected from their sad condition. They can each perform the greatest miracle in the World. They can each come back from the dead."

In this "Friday's Book Suggestion" series, we will talk about Augustine "Og" Mandino's self-help book, The Greatest Salesman in the World, which was published in 1968

Mandino composed his first masterpiece, The Legend Of The Ten Scrolls, with the direct message "Do it now," writing 18 times in the marking of Scroll IX, "I will act now," and the repetitive actions to build good habits come with the promise of becoming the Greatest Salesman in the World.

Prior to delving into this masterpiece, it's important to note that for Og Mandino, it was natural to think before taking action, to plan both the short- and long-term future constantly, and to keep a detailed diary with everything well-written and prepared.

It's no wonder why the World's most influential personalities, such as Oscar-winner Matthew McConaughey, have cited this book as a life-changing experience.

You have an inspiring read with much Freedom, and always remember, "Treasure the LOVE you receive above all. It will survive long after your good health has vanished". Og Mandino.

P.s. Feel free to share your suggestions for the week's inspirational books here.

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