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Girl, Wash Your Face

Here is a book that shows how we can destroy easily all the lies being told through centuries about us and also guiding us to face the world with self-confidence.

It's all about what I can be doing better and what I'm not doing well enough; how to be better at work, parenting, and writing. How to be less bad at cardio, sex, and you know, how to change the world.

“There are dark implications in making everything a matter of personal responsibility” it's Hollis's bias, asking us to interrogate and deconstruct the lies that we've believed about ourselves. But the book critics Laura Turner still wonder “how that lens would function if we turn it on the lies the Hollis promulgates in Girl, Wash Your Face.”

Hollis’s core philosophy itself is emblematic of a huge division in American thought that dominates our national discourse: Are people who have problems responsible for fixing them themselves? Or is there some collective responsibility that we are shirking — does a society owes something to all its members?" Laura Turner noted.

You, and only you, are ultimately responsible for who you become and how happy you are, says Rachel Hollis's on her Lifestyle book.

Enrich your knowledge by Hollis's recognition, make your life a better place to live in and yourself a better human to be with.

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